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13 April 2011 @ 10:11 am
[flumpool] 2011.04.12 Osaka 大阪国際会議場メインホール  

Let me explain. First of all, I don't do concert reports. Because I fail at them! :D...
I was keeping song count for the first half, then my brain exploded. ^-^

So, *'s mean I'm positive on what I'm saying lol. ** means 100%.

Im not sure on the exact song order, but they should be similar. If you happen,
to run across a actual song list, why not share it to me? :D...

And so!, I begin. By the end of the concert, I think I was the only foreigner there..,
Why? .. well I might have been the only english speaking one hahaha..,  

I go in the hall, and I got 2FL because it was sold out and I bought my ticket on Yahoo Auctions >_>.
Basically, I was next to a solo girl, then a solo boy came in between us. Then two girls next to me.
They were the ones I enjoyed the concert with lol. We helped each other on hand movements. :)
Then the two girls in front of me, were Genki fangirls, I swear these girls spazzed everytime he moved. I giggled.

So the way I started remembering songs, is by numbers. They started with 3 songs, MC, 4 songs, etc.
Let's see how I do!, and my japanese ability is meh. haha.

I TOOK PICS... but photobucket recently messed up, so I'll upload those later. flumpool members
wrote messages on a billboard and fans were going crazy to get pictures of these.

                                                      Ryuta                                        Kazuki

Genki                                         Seiji

When I was waiting to go in, I wonder what Ryuta's mom looks like, swear I saw her....
lmao, any info on their parents fans?

I go into the stands, and they're playing Nico's newest album. I suppose since NICO needed to sale
more tickets they played it, and I'm going so I was happy to be hearing it.

**reboot ~あきらめない詩~
When this started I was like :O!!! The kid next to me was like, 来た! like it's come! hahaha.
For this one, they had the lyrics for us pop up behind them. :D

I started writing stuff right after leaving, but I have such a bad memory.
During the concert, I also tried to memorize the MC's so I'll just say what I remember.

Kazuki and Ryuta were talking like always. Kazuki was being teased like always nothing new hahaha.
So Kazuki asked the audience, if this was their first time coming to raise their hands. He was like wow thanks,
then second time, I raised mine, then 3rd and up, he was really happy!

Then it got hilarious. He asked for the fans who bought the latest CD album and then came to the concert and I raised my hand.
he was like, you DAISUKI flumpool. Then he was like, who rented it and heard it and came. I giggled, he was like well... you GIRIGIRI like us(barely, enough), hahahahaha, then last was like, WHO BORROWED IT FROM A FRIEND, and came, and I laughed so hard because he said well.. thanks. HAHAHA.. (or something like that) You know him ;D

Then Ryuta made it depressing, I knew the earthquake talk was going to come up, so he was saying, we were wondering what we could do and we have nothing but our music so .. then yeah. So he explained this new song that was on NHK and (I havent heard it yet), but I think it was called AKASHI... , anyone know? 

This one had a beautiful Ryuta singing on the screen behind them, it was a pretty depressing song... I wasnt really reading it, but the lyrics were there, everyone was listening quietly.

I love this song, so I was singing along.
This is also where I start getting confused at song order, m(_  _)m , better than nothing right! :D...

This was the time where they introduced themselves. For once, Kazuki was doing it, I was like O___O!!! Ryuta will finally be talked about! was my first thought. So Kazuki started with Piano dude. Daiji? So yeah, he got married! Was what I heard. lol. Yeah they thank him and everything Kazuki bows, we laugh. Then he moves onto Seiji, ... wow I really cant remember what he said about him, sorry Seiji fans. They talk about him being a leader OH YEAH!, basically he complained about him always being in the back, so he came to the front and we were like EEEEE, and then Kazuki mentioned he lost weight and he was jealous lol, because well.. he's been "trying" but can't. So yes, they bow, we laugh. Then Genki, and Kazuki was like.. well, honestly.. I cant think of anything for Genki. LMAO. Ryuta was like yeah you can, think of something, you known him for 20 something years. So then Kazuki just talked about that marathon he ran in, and Kazuki was like, well you know I ran in one too, and we're like SAY WAHHHT. and then Ryuta was like, are you sure that wasnt at the park, those little things, LMAO. <3 Hehehe. So then it was "Ryuta's turn", but Kazuki said, LAST BUT NOT LEAST(or something similar) ... ME!!!! LOLOLOL. .. he explains himself, nothing in particular, but then he was like that's it, and Ryuta was like.. WHAT ABOUT ME... that's not fair.., so then Kazuki was like.. oh. Hehehe, so Kazuki talks about this story I didn't really get it, but I guess they were talking about a coin laundry and how Ryuta must have told Kazuki something about it. ANYWAYS, it happened that Ryuta wasnt waiting, and he used 400yen (like four tries, depending) on a UFO CATCHER!!!! (the crane game at arcades), and then everyone laughed,... I was like I lovers you Ryuta, .. because I waste money.. on ufo catchers too! hehe.  The MC went something like that. Then Ryuta said the last member, was all us fan, and I squeeeelled. Teehee.

Genki's voice still makes me,, eeeeee.
Music Surfer
two of us
hand movements YES. still dont know... if this was in this part or not.
The lyrics came up on the screen too, well the CALLING CALLING part. lol


I love when Ryuta plays that game with us. When I went to the NICO/pool tour he did too.
Basically, 2FL, yeah!!!, 1FL, yeah!!, OSAKA!!, yeah!!!, WOMEN, yeah!!!, MEN, YEAHHH!!.
The men ALWAYS GET ME LOLOL. DEEP VOICES. So we played and went faster~.

MW 〜Dear Mr. & Ms. ピカレスク〜

OMFG,, Ryuta kills me.......... *nosebleed*. White Guitar.
(this song order.. is kinda...?) lol

This was the "last" song, I was like Yeahhh DAKISHIMETE!!! lol.

So, I swear the lights went off for less than 10 seconds, and the clapping ENCORE started. HAYAI!


Ryuta, came out alone with an Acoustic. He was like. As you can see, I'm alone!
So he did that depressing talk again. Then... his beautiful voice.
Over the rain ~ひかりの橋~
To make us leave happy..

No Fat, No Life.
Dance Moves, SO FUN.
I was so happy this song was last, their first, and then their last. <3

They thanked everyone. Chat Chat. Ryuta went around throwing picks I suppose. Then they all said byebye.
It was quiet, so I screamed I LOVE YOUUUUUUU. LOLOLOL.
They walked off. But seiji was like NO. haha, and so he was walking. And I screamed. SEIJIIIIIIII
He turned and he threw a towel before that. He stood in the middle. It got quiet.

Then he threw he shirt. Girls went wild.

On the way out, they were handing out NICO fliers, I took one, just because lol.


Last night I had a flumpool dream. I was walking around in Osaka. And ran into Ryuta, since I assume he speaks english, because he studied language at kansai gaidai, I was speaking to him in english. I asked him about the concert and he said it changed locations. I said I had went to the one before. Then next thing I know, I was at their studio, and kazuki was playing upstairs. Two fangirls were sitting down, lol because of yesterday and the waiting. They left and I talk to Kazuki, and he teased me that they didnt speak english but Ryuta did. Yet, Kazuki understood me, because I think he's english is decent lol. So then next thing I know, I'm sitting and complaining to flumpool, and Nico's Mitsumura was there too! LOL. I asked if they were gonna have another concert because I was leaving in July, and Ryuta was like yes! because it was part of a movie, which came from that NHK song lol.. so whatever. Then I said I couldnt join the mobile club because I'm an exchange student, and I dont have internet on my phone, then I woke up and laughed at myself because I know I made a poutty face at them, and I know Mitsumura knows like no english and he was pretending to understand me LOL. Good times. Then I got depressed, because it was my last concert....

THANKYOU FOR READING. Gomen ne, on the in accurate, but this was the gist.
Feel free to tell me how I can become better, though I won't go to them anymore :(((((((
Any comments are appreciated or questions!

ALSOOOOOO they all got haircuts!!! :OOOOOO, Genki and them, ... I was like O_O...
The amp from the DVD was there too, LOL.

My BG, I went to the Snowy Serenades Tour only to buy goods, I chose Koyama Keiichiro's Butai and Uchi Hiroki's Concert over flumpool because they were sold out -____-. But! I went to the NICO/pool tour (as the Jpn fans call it) with my Nico fan friend. I also already watched the DVD so I tried to see what that was like and this one. I was really hoping for Hana ni Nare, but nope :( they did that last time though.

See you all!

wearing the T~ ! XD... flumpool stuff in the BG.. woohoo
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amoodymalady: ♥sharmainerae on April 13th, 2011 03:01 am (UTC)
I love all the squeeing going on. XDDD Written like a true fangirl indeed.

Glad they pimped NICO! And you're going to their concert too right? The PASSENGER tour starts tomorrow... I badly wanna be in Japan!

Anyway, thanks for this! I LOLed at how Ryuta & Kazuki reversed roles in the MCing. Now it's payback time for Kazuki!!! :D
Keren .:I love God:. and 内博貴~!*uchihirokilove on April 14th, 2011 12:38 pm (UTC)

I know!! I'm really happy I got to hear the album lol, and I just downloaded it, because yep! I'm going to that concert too :D

lol i know!! it was a surprise for me !, but i still feel they dont talk about ryuta too much xD
amoodymalady: ♥sharmainerae on April 15th, 2011 12:17 pm (UTC)
I love the album, too! Waaah~ Micchan's (Mitsumura) voice ♥
Hope you write a concert report about NICO, too. :)

and btw, did you really see RYUTA'S MOTHER?! I mean, did the woman resemble Ryuta and made you think that they might actually be related?
Keren .:I love God:. and 内博貴~!*uchihirokilove on April 20th, 2011 12:50 am (UTC)
haha, i hope to! since im going with my friend, she'
ll help me with the song titles maybe xD

and i dont know! but she was alone,and she looked liked him, and was kinda hiding, but i dunno, even hair kinda like him, maybe she was a hxc fan? XDDD;
amoodymalady: ♥sharmainerae on April 25th, 2011 11:57 am (UTC)
oooh my. i'm getting really giddy at the idea of Ryuta's mom attending one of their lives. lol. sure is a fan's dream come true if ever she's actually Ryuta's mother!!
dill greylastmockingbird on April 13th, 2011 03:28 am (UTC)
geez you went??? cooolll!!! and you're the only foreigner? my, my. I think I really am on the same boat.

It's just annoying that taking pictures during the concert is not allowed right? meh~

so...is 2nd flr good place to be? I think my seat is on the second floor.

Keren .:I love God:. and 内博貴~!*uchihirokilove on April 14th, 2011 12:39 pm (UTC)
yessss :) and haha i was the only one of me i saw.. that wasnt asian ;D

I KNOW.. we cant do anything during! just hand movements lol

and the 2nd floor isnt HORRIBLE, could be worse, could have been an arena haha, so how was it???
Pattaya the forever fangirl ♥patziepiva on April 13th, 2011 06:08 am (UTC)
thank you for sharing fun details of the concert! How i wish i get to go, sounds so much fun :)
Keren .:I love God:. and 内博貴~!*uchihirokilove on April 14th, 2011 12:39 pm (UTC)
it really is! even though i went alone, i was happy when everyone sings together and helps each other keep on beat haha
dinnalver: Sawako happydinnalver on April 13th, 2011 01:44 pm (UTC)
I know the best part of going the concert live is u surrounded by the fans :DD

Did u manage to get a clear looks to he stage?
Keren .:I love God:. and 内博貴~!*uchihirokilove on April 14th, 2011 12:40 pm (UTC)
youre right!!

clear looks at the stage? well, it wasnt bad haha, i could see ryuta do the naughty during quville ;DD hahahaha
Keren .:I love God:. and 内博貴~!*uchihirokilove on April 14th, 2011 12:40 pm (UTC)
also, omfg. sawako ♥
dinnalver: Sadako-shydinnalver on April 14th, 2011 12:59 pm (UTC)
yepp Sawako!!! *high fives*
Aya Lawliettegoaya on April 14th, 2011 03:38 am (UTC)
Wow, that sounds so much fun ^^
Anyway, would you please kindly tell me about Ryuta's wardrobe? LOL
I have a silly bet about Ryuta is wearing white shirt again on this tour, hahaha.
Keren .:I love God:. and 内博貴~!*uchihirokilove on April 14th, 2011 12:42 pm (UTC)
YOU KNOW. it was !!! haha
him and white.. guess you cant see the sweat ;D
but he wore the black tshirt in the ending solo ^^
i honestly cant remember everyones clothes though, i know when seiji came out he had a grey shirt, proly the grey tshirt, then the others, well i was staring at their instruments and body movements more *o* teehee
Aya Lawliettegoaya on April 17th, 2011 02:27 am (UTC)
Hahaha. Thank you!
Did you buy the bracelet thing? XD Is it good?
Keren .:I love God:. and 内博貴~!*uchihirokilove on April 20th, 2011 12:53 am (UTC)
Yes!!I bought it, its pretty schnazzy lol. i like it, and well i like green XD, reboot isnt my fave-ist song, but it's pretty, and common in japan, my friend had a red similar one the day before i went to the concert lol, you've seen them?
nkissingnkissing on April 19th, 2011 07:37 pm (UTC)
Lol the last picture of the towel, I thought it was the one Seiji threw, omg, if it was... Omg wish i could go to their concert >< Earthquakes are getting frequent this days, hope Japan don't give up and move forward, ya? Go Nihon! Lol if Hydrangea was sung i'll probably go YES! too xD And i don't think your concert report that's bad (coz' first time reading one. Lol), it was fun to read ^^ Thanks for sharing!
Keren .:I love God:. and 内博貴~!*uchihirokilove on April 20th, 2011 12:54 am (UTC)
Lol, the sqeeeing right? xD I wish it was the one he threw!!! But that was in near the front on the stage's left side before he walked to the center :D.
omfg, yeah haido ranjia is the best @_@...
LOL... thank you for reading!! :)
shine_with_mee on July 26th, 2011 02:48 am (UTC)
I really enjoyed reading ^^
actually i finished readying and my face was like :D lol
anyway u lucky girl i envy u haha
Thanks for writing this and i bet she's ryuta's mom xD