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☆[Keren]☆ ~*{♥Loves Uchi Hiroki♥}*~ 

Keren .:I love God:. and 内博貴~!*
3 November 1990
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  • uchihirokilove@livejournal.com

♥ About Me ♥

:::::♥ Uchi Hiroki ♥

Name: Keren-happuch Benavides
I’m Mexican~
Birth: 1990.11.03
Location: Michigan, USA
School: Grand Valley State University ’12
Studying: Film/Video, Japanese(East Asian Studies/Studio Art)
Bloodtype: A-
なんとかなる。In the end, all will be good ♥ . \((≧∇≦))/
I love Uchi Hiroki the most out of my fangirl side!!

✿ Hobbies ✿

I like to do everything for myself! I’m not one to ask for help, I’m weird haha xD. If I suddenly get an urge to do something, I will give it my all, sometimes I hit a snag, and take a break but that passion will always be there!!

I love God, and I’m a proud Christian. I am Mexican and I love to play soccer!!, I’m into sports as well :D,
Haha I don’t like to talk about myself because I feel like I’m trying to promote myself >_< heh.

I’m all about ART!~* in any form, anime, j/kdramas, graphics, html/css, tablets, PHOTOSHOP IS MY CRACK. Also entertainment makes sense I’m a film major like video games, I enjoy Zelda games the most :]. I play instruments!! Yay, my musical side, mainly guitar, a little bass and a tad drums. though I’m not very good heh.. 5 years and im still lame

❥Contact Me ❥

Uchi Hiroki Comm
Twitter always changes lol, find me somehow?

♬ Music I Love ♬

I love listening to Christian music as well, mainly rock//punk//pop.
I’m into Japanese and Korean music on the side. Although, I listen to my Spanish music as well.

My favorite band is Relientk

Here are the bands I listen to:
♥Relient K(一番好きなバンド!!)♥//Matthew Thiessen and the Earthquakes//Run Kid Run//Owl City//Jack's Mannequin//The Postal Service//House of Heroes//Death Cab for Cutie//Anberlin//Hawk Nelson//I,Define.//Confide//Further Seems Forever//FM Static//The O.C. upertones//Remedy Drive//Lifehouse//The Classic Crime//The Juliana Theory//We the Kings//Allison//Metro Station//Alesana//Family Force 5//30 Seconds to Mars//Switch Foot//Cartel//The Devil Wears Prada////Division Miniscula//Jumbo//Chevelle//My Chemical Romance//JPOP★・・NewS//Kanjani8//JROCK★//flumpool✿(めっちゃ好き!!)//WEAVER //UVERworld//Chatmonchy//Quruli//Baseball Bear//Fuji Fabric//Asian Kung-Fu Generation//Grapevine//NICO Touches the Walls//Radwimps//HOME MADE Kazoku//Ulfuls//Galileo Galilei//Sambomaster//Question?//Tegomasu//Tohoshinki//9mm Parabellum Bullet//KPOP☆・・DBSK//FT Island//CNBlue//SHINee

● Fandoms ●

Mainly I follow-follow Johnny’s and Kpop, because my jpop are band-bands. : )

Eito and NewS are my faves!! 8->1 FTW. I’m forsure 8nin pro!! ♥
Kanjani8(Ohkura&Ryo); NewS(Tego&Keii); TegoMasu

C.N.Blue (Jungshin&Jonghyun), F.T.Island (Jonghoon,Hongki,Wonbin,Jaejin TIEEE.), F(X) (Sulli), SHINee (Minho&Taemin),Super Junior (Kyuhyun,Donghae&Kibum),Tohoshinki (Changmin&Yoochun)

My fave Kpop is DBSK ♥

▼ Stamps ▼

These are just people I love ♥, or are my faves when narrowed down teehee.

Θ Fan Icons Θ

Yay for Anime Icons!! I havent seen these in years, so I made some recently. :)

~ Blogcrews ~

Click on them so you can get your own!! :D
uchihirokilove{Uchi Hiroki}said: «Would you marry me?»uchihirokilove
I want to love you, treasure you, and live with you
To accompany you for the whole lifetime, To love you, ...

...and of course I said: {I do} •

I share my bed
ONLY with Uchi Hiroki

for Prince Charming
{ Uchi Hiroki }

{Uchi Hiroki} really made
my babies!

I just can't stop KISSING { Uchi Hiroki }

I wanna ~
I wanna touch →{ Uchi Hiroki }←

[Uchi Hiroki]

Why am I overflowing with smiles
Just from
seeing you?

{Uchi Hiroki}

told me once:

"When I saw you I was afraid to meet you.
When I met you I was afraid to kiss you.
When I kissed you I was afraid to love you.
Now that I love you, I am afraid to lose you."

{Uchi Hiroki}
and I made a promise:
we'll love each other
and hold each other tightly
in our afterlife
like we do it now
...under the moonlight...

}i{Uchi Hiroki}i{
glorious, you're glorious a miracle
you're the dreams
I got inside paint my world of colors
so divine glorious, so heavenly
you stole my heart and you
stepped into my life like no one else
have done it's making you glorious

Do you want love?
And I want love.

I just want YOUR LOVE.

I'm in love with a fairytale
Even though it hurts
Cause I don't care
if I lose my mind
I'm already cursed

♥; Uchi Hiroki

With Uchi Hiroki at my side;
I will never lose my way

Uchi Hiroki
you're my melody
soundtrack of my life
i'll sing you on and on ~♪


I made this delicious lunch only for
『Uchi Hiroki』

Don't you even try to touch my
『Uchi Hiroki』
otherwise i will be your nightmare.

A is a believer of formalities and a shy lawyer
B is a leader who’s like Jekyll and Hyde
O has a strong pride and a romanticist
AB is a tsundere producer but a unique dreamer
everyone have things that they're good in
and things that they're bad in, isn't it?
because ABO put together is {Uchi Hiroki}
I'll just take him as he is

I saw
[Uchi Hiroki] && [Koyama Keiichiro]
taking a bubble bath

Osaka Rainy Blues
I'll sing it on and on ~


I share my other bed
with Changmin Max

{Shim Changmin}
As we grow older together,

As we continue to change with age,
There is one thing that will never change...
I will always keep falling in love with you.

Shim Changmin ♥ Keren Benavides;
every day we started fighting
every night we fell in love
no one else could make me sadder
but no one else could lift me high above

Shim Changmin wants to touch me too. ~

Don't you call my
Shim Changmin
ever again
or i will have to deal with you myself

Being a fangirl
isn't what makes me happy
It's being a fangirl of
[Shim Changmin
that makes me happy..

it might be sad or scary
how much
i love Shim Changmin
but to me there is no one else, cept Uchi,
who can come
close how much he means to me

Cho Kyuhyun AND I ARE

{Koyama Keiichiro}
ran through the midnight rain

to hold me tight
cry in the rain
my last train oh...

{Tegoshi Yuya}'s the rain pouring down
that washes my pain away
Let me cry...I wanna smile...

{Yuto Nakajima}and I are